System (n.)

site decoupe x2.jpg

System (n.) – a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a set of parts which can be reconfigured as a part of a complex whole.  

A set of models is proposed as a part of an interconnected network (or system) from which architectural intervention may occur on the Île de Cygnes, Paris.

The site is divided into 9 ‘territories’, following the same logic of investigation as in the dominoes. As such, for every 100 metres, one model reveals a specific fragment of the site. The set of models is built at 1/400.

The system consists of extracting ‘real’ information from the site and revealing new ‘realities’ with every separate combination of model pieces. We are operating in the realm of ‘invention’ whereby the site is continuously dismantled and reconfigured to reveal planned and unexpected ‘realities’ in a series of ‘accidental landscapes’.


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