Potteries Thinkbelt


“When architectural form is reduced to its essential nature, what it stages and makes visible is not itself but the life that unfolds within its limits” (Studio Dogma)

Cedric Price’s Potteries Thinkbelt project from the mid 1960s converts a rusting railway network into a learning apparatus that is flexible and mobile, with the capacity to continually adapt to technological advances. His proposal questions the strict separation of disciplines by calling for the development of interchangeable units that would allow the learning process to be constantly reshaped in response to changing demands.

With this, Price proposes a system that can integrate knowledge, flexibility and territory whilst liberating the architectural condition from functionalist and programmatic duty. As such, the architecture serves production only by virtue of being there as framework, as place. The project is the embodiment of its condition, and at the same time the frame holding it.


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